Sunday, January 23, 2011

LTMHTF Podcast: The similarities are endless...

Bob Dylan: A rebel (part of the folk protest movement in the '60s), a hero (when Dylan went electric), a villain (when Dylan went electric), writer of literature, has taken to wearing a large sombrero to distract from aging features.

KISS: a group of rebels (played rock music when disco dance music was popular - before recording a disco song of their own, but whatever), heroes to some (even had an army at their command), villain to others (uptight moms, people with taste), some of them wrote books, make-up now provides useful tool for masking aging features.

Clearly, Dylan and KISS are ripe for comparison. Naturally, Zalina Alvi and I saw this opportunity and have used our podcast, Love This Movie, Hate This Film, to explore their similarities through the films I'm Not There and Detroit Rock City. Click on through to be amazed, and don't forget to subscribe via iTunes. 

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