Monday, September 20, 2010

New podcast is bourne to entertain

Podcast #5 is up and waiting for you to enjoy. Zalina and I have given Love This Movie, Hate This Film it's own website, and we've even attached it to an RSS feed, which you can sync to your iTunes (or whatever you use for podcast stuffs).

If the pun in headline didn't tip you off, this edition is all about the Bourne trilogy. There's some disagreements over the definition of "ultimatum" (not exactly in dispute, but still, isn't that a stupid name for an action/thriller?), there's even some informative play-by-play commentary over one of the films' hot man-on-man fight scenes. 

Soon we'll have LTMHTF searchable on iTunes. And then - watch out! We'll have hit the big time. Until then, click on over and check it out.

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