Saturday, June 19, 2010

NXNE: Day 3

Ok, so I don't have much time to write, but I thought I should at least mention that last night's showcase was possibly the best I'd seen so far. First was Vancouver's Said The Whale at Yonge & Dundas Square. They were pretty solid, and if you ever wondered what that song is in that Sun Rype commercial, it's "The Light Is You" by Said The Whale. Good to know!

I then moved on to Lee's Palace, which promised to be a packed night with Wavves and Japandroids performing back to back. First up, though, was a band from Brooklyn, NY, Grooms. They were a little loose, and I'm not a huge fan of bands sporting the whole off-key-is-cool sort of vocal style. If you can't sing then get someone who can to join the group. Other than that they were ok.

The Happy Hollows
from Los Angeles, CA, were up next, and boy did they shred the stage. The lead singer had a great Alanis Morissette circa Jagged Little Pill thing going on, and she could really rock a guitar. These guys were great. The crowd (which was steadily growing as Wavves' set grew nearer) really warmed to them. Definitely worth a listen.

Lo-fi/punk/noise-rockers (thanks, Wikipedia) Wavves were next, and Lee's was packed. With this band there is always the possibility of implosion. They managed to keep it together and provide a pretty entertaining show whilst belting out some standard punk-rock. The crowd loved them (as evidenced by the ever-growing mosh pit), and they seemed to enjoy the show as much as the audience.

Vancouver, BC's Japandroids were noted by AUX TV as one of the best bets for Friday night. This was one of the last shows the garage rockers will be having in Toronto for a while, so it was one to see. The duo were solid. I especially loved the wall of amps behind guitarist Brian King, and drummer David Prowse pulled off some terrific beats. It was really a great show.

My apologies to PS I Love You for not sticking around for your set. A girl needs her beauty sleep (especially after soaking up so much sweat from the hot-head head bangers surrounding her). Say hi to Gerrard Butler for me.

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