Sunday, May 9, 2010

Twilight Eclipse soundtrack ensnares more popular indie bands (and Beck)

Since I've already sort of reviewed the New Moon Soundtrack, I figure I should mention that the list of bands to appear on the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack was released this past week. There's no Thom Yorke this time, but the roster of indie bands willing to put the loyalty of their hipster fans to the test include Beck teamed up with Bat For Lashes, Metric (yay, sort of Can-con), The Dead Weather, Vampire Weekend (apparently taking their name a little too seriously these days), and a slumming Howard Shore. Click through to the Pitchfork piece for the full track listing. Hopefully one of these artists will be able to sneak in a few sparkly vampire/beautiful werewolf jokes to make the next album slightly more self-aware. Not counting on it, though.

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